Hereditary treasure? Family collects over 10,000 pencil sharpeners

Here is a family heirloom you may never have heard of before.  

Three generations of a family from Xihe County in Longnan City, Gansu Province fed an obsession with collecting pencil sharpeners for years, according to a report on Friday. They have collected more than 10,000 pencil sharpeners of different shapes and sizes. 

A pencil sharpener shaped like a tailor's table. /Chinanews

A pencil sharpener shaped like a tailor's table. /Chinanews

When traveling, they would head to local stationeries to look for unique pencil sharpeners, while other people would prefer to visit scenic spots, according to the report.

Pencil sharpeners shaped like cars, animals and architects are displayed on the family's cabinet. Each sharpener is full of memories and has a bright time characteristic.

(Cover image: The family's pencil sharpener cabinet. /Chinanews)