Walrus 'walls' in new Belgian animal park hotel rooms

Visitors to a new Belgian animal park hotel can now sleep next to walruses in an underwater room.

Pairi Daiza Resort at Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, offers an incredible stay for animal-loving travelers. With prices starting from 129 euros (152 U.S. dollars) per person, guests can spend one night in the igloo-themed rooms. Walruses and other sea life can be seen from inside the room.

Jeremy Lannoy, technical director of Pairi Daiza Animal Park, said that the glass wall is thick enough to protect visitors. "Here, for example, we have glass that is more than 10 cm thick and resists the pressure of water," he explained. 

Claire Gilissen, the spokeswoman for Pairi Daiza animal park, said: "Sometimes the walrus goes up to the window and is interested in who is in the room. But it also happens that he's not interested. So it depends on his state of mind."

She said this arrangement will not disturb the animals because they have a large space to roam. 

 "It has access to the inside and outside. So, no, we've done everything possible for the welfare of the walruses," Gilissen added.