Saxifraga stolonifera: A herbal remedy for hemorrhoids in ancient China
By Li Yujun

Saxifraga stolonifera thrives in humid environments, such as forests, bushes and meadows. In some areas, it even grows in the gaps between stone steps in urban parks.

Saxifraga stolonifera is a perennial flowering plant that blooms from May to August. It is a popular ornamental plant because of its beautiful leaves and flowers.

It has two types of leaves: heart-shaped basal leaves and lanceolate stem leaves. The basal leaves are thick and juicy, with silver gray stripes above and reddish below. 

Saxifraga stolonifera has five white sepals, two of them longer than the rest, looking like a little dancing elf. The longer petals are lanceolate and pointed. The smaller petals are red or yellow dotted. The ovary is pale yellow. 

The plant is native to China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. According to some relevant records of traditional Chinese medicine, in ancient China, this lovely flower was used as a herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. 

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