Live: Trump puts TikTok on trial: What's media's verdict?

Microsoft has conveniently offered to buy the lucrative slice of the business, if they can cut a deal by September 15, but where does that leave Chinese tech companies that dare to compete with American tech giants? 

The Trump administration has been playing up concerns that TikTok's Beijing-based parent company ByteDance is sharing user data with the Chinese government. So are media outlets investigating how convincing those claims are? 

After Trump claimed the U.S. Treasury should collect a commission if the sale goes through, are media outlets asking the right questions about a president who moonlights as a broker? 

How does the story play into the greater saga of deteriorating China-U.S. relations? Is TikTok's time up in the U.S.? 

This week, we look at how different media outlets are covering Trump's threat to ban TikTok in the U.S. on the grounds of national security risks.