Russian iconic circus reopens after coronavirus lockdown

Moscow's iconic state circus reopened with a packed show on August 7 after a four-month break following the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown. 

Tickets for the show, featuring acrobatics, trapeze artists and animals, were distributed free of charge to the city's medical staff who worked during the pandemic. 

Some members of the audience wore face masks, but there was little sign of social distancing.

"I'm just so glad that the pandemic is finally over. We are finally able to come to a public event and of course the circus is great, there's so many emotions and sensations," said Yulia Grushinina, one of the spectators.

"It's time to restore jobs and our normal rhythm, because life continues and we will win in the end, no matter what," said another spectator Marat who was enjoying the show. 

Many people in the crowd appeared optimistic that normal life was resuming. 

Russia has recorded around 877,000 confirmed cases and over 14,700 deaths so far. Non-food shops, some industrial and construction companies have reopened since May in Moscow, as the city is gradually lifting restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

All organizations will have to meet the requirements of the city departments monitoring their activities and follow the instructions of the Moscow division of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare after the reopening, according to Moscow Mayor official website.

(With input from AP)