Flamingo flower: An attractive flower with a waxy exterior
By Hua Qinxin, Xu Chenlu

Every flower lover tends to hope the blooming period of his/her plant could last for long time. If you are such, the flamingo flower might be a good choice, as it is a flowering species with a long-lasting blossom. Flowers in different shades of red may appear throughout the year in optimum growing conditions. Therefore, it is suitable for potted plants, cut flowers, or landscaping in gardens and also be used to make bouquets as a birthday gift.

Named after its attractive waxy, palette-shaped, bright red spathes and contrasting dark green foliage, it features drooping, heart-shaped, dark green leaves. Each axillary flower grows with a creamy yellow spadix enclosed by a large, flat and waxy red spathe that might also appear in pink.

Native to Ecuador and southwestern Colombia, it is also widely naturalized in other parts of the world like Europe and Asia, preferring warm, shady and humid climates, such as tropical rain forests.

Flamingo flower usually grows as a house plant. Apart from its beauty, it provides a "service" in absorbing some harmful gases like formaldehyde. If you hope to keep one either at home or in office, remember to put it somewhere with indirect sunlight and cool environment, keep the soil moist at all times during the summer, and water less in winter. 

Nevertheless, the plant produces a toxic sap, and that's why we should keep it away from children and pets.

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