Live: Western media accuses China of using 'vaccine diplomacy'

China's got a new COVID-19 vaccine that's effective, safe and almost ready to go! Co-developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics Inc. and a team led by Chinese military infectious disease expert Chen Wei, the candidate received China's first COVID-19 vaccine patent and is in the final phase of human testing. Given that 22 million cases have been confirmed worldwide so far and almost 800,000 have died from the disease, everyone is anxiously awaiting a vaccine. 

Some media outlets are suggesting that China sacrificed safety for speed in its vaccine development, while others say China will inspire other countries to bypass regulators. Some also say China will use the breakthrough as geopolitical leverage. What's the basis for such speculations? How does such reporting potentially undermines a development that could save lives? And what other key questions do new vaccines raise?