Taihang Mountains surrounded by clouds and mist is a bucolic sight

On August 19, a section of the Taihang Mountains in Pingshun County, Changzhi City, north China's Shanxi Province, was surrounded by clouds and mist in the middle of a summer rain, creating a bucolic landscape. 

The Taihang Mountains stretch for more than 400 kilometers across Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, and Henan provinces, with an altitude of 1,500-2,000 meters.  

Generally, the Taihang Mountains are divided into three sections, namely the North Taihang Mountains (in Hebei Province), the South Taihang Mountains (in Henan Province), and the West Taihang Mountains (in Shanxi Province). 

Shanxi actually means "west of the mountains" in Chinese and "the mountains" refer to the Taihang Mountains. 

The annual average temperature in the Taihang Mountains is 7.9℃-11.7℃, making it a popular summer destination.

(All photos via CFP)

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