The outer wall of ancient tower collapses after rainstorm in Shenyang

The outer wall of an ancient tower in Binta County, Shenyang City, collapsed after a rainstorm on Wednesday, residents said. The ancient pagoda itself was not damaged. 

The collapsed area of the wall, which had been repaired a year ago, is nearly 100 meters long, according to the residents. The site has since been cleared. 

The Liaobin Tower is a 13-floor octagonal structure with a 1,000-year history. It is located at the intersection of Liaohe River and Xiushui River and was once part of a famous transportation and communication link.  

The department of cultural relics in Shenyang City carried out comprehensive maintenance at the tower in 2010, restoring its old style. 

(Cover image: An image of the Liaobin Tower via Pear Video)