Fuchsia: The 'golden bell' that hangs upside down
By Xu Chenlu

Flowers with distinctive features are always a favorite among gardeners, therefore it doesn't matter how difficult it is to grow these plants, gardeners always like to give it a try just for the beautiful blossoms. Fuchsia is exactly one of these plants.

Fuchsia is known as the "golden bell that hangs upside down" in Chinese. The name is the perfect description for this blossom as the multi-colored flowers hang gracefully from baskets or pots, like delicate bells. Wild fuchsias are native to Central and South America, growing in the Andes where the climate is cool and moist. In China, it grows mainly in northern areas.

Fuchsia has over a hundred varieties with cultivated types running into the thousands. Some varieties can be more or less tolerant of some environment conditions. Therefore, if you hope to grow one, you can do some research on what type of fuchsia can thrive in your climate region.

Though fuchsia is not considered a "beginner plant" because it is somewhat difficult to grow, the beautiful blossom is still worth a try with the following tips: Fuchsia love filtered light, but they are also intolerant of heat, therefore, make sure to place your plant in the shade with a temperature of less than 27 degrees Celcius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). If you live in a place with a hot summer, you can place it in a room with air conditioner to enjoy the coolness with you.

Though fuchsia loves moist, wet or waterlogged soil will not be helpful, you need to find a good balance in terms of water quantities. If you touch the soil and feel no moisture, it is time to water it; otherwise do not water it to prevent rotten roots. 

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