Large X-Sports park opens in Beijing

A large X-Sports park is opening in the south of Beijing on Saturday.

The Aegean X-Sports Park, covering an area of 1,900 square meters, is divided into a skateboard area and a parkour area.

The U-shaped pool is equipped with a professional double-layer bowl pool rarely seen in domestic extreme sports venues. Its slope is designed up to the standard both for quality anf safety.

To meet the sports needs of X-Sports enthusiasts such as fancy bicycles and inline skating, the skateboard area has street style waves, steps and other professional props.

The parkour area is covered with various props such as high and low poles and steps. The artificial "obstacle field" provides a suitable place for parkour enthusiasts to practice all kinds of difficult movements.

The lighting and music facilities in the venue will make the park more fashionable at night, aiming to attract young enthusiasts.

(Cover photo designed by Li Chenqi, source via CFP)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency