Live: Koktokay, where the Amazing Xinjiang journey begins!

On September 10, CGTN starts its month-long mammoth trip across Xinjiang, the largest of all provinces and regions in China. The crew will arrive at its first stop Koktokay, a place with idyllic landscape in Fuyun County. CGTN reporters are being divided into three groups to provide a closer look at this amazing trip, the preparations of the opening live coverage and stories behind the scenes.

CGTN Reporter Li Jianhua is in the most prestigious spot: Holy Bell Peak, which is considered the best scene in the Altai Mountains. With an emerald-green river flowing at the foot of the Holy Bell Peak and a myriad of colors donning the surrounding mountains in the autumn, this area is definitely worth a visit. Join him to hit the road.

Reporter Serena Dong is in Fuyun County, and takes a closer look at this exotic town. Walking along Irtysh River, one of the continent's longest rivers, with a local Kazak soccer coach, to bring you the stunning view and talk about local daily life.

And in the Koktokay No.3 Mine Vein, reporters He Weiwei and Tang Bo are waiting to take audiences on a tour in the mysterious mine vein and hear about hardworking stories. 

Let this journey begin!