My vlog: Exploring a Kazakh yurt in Xinjiang

As a Kazakh folk song goes, the Kazakhs walk the most in the world, as well as move homes the most.  Kazakhs often move their yurts in summer and winter in search of the best meadow for grazing their livestock. As the most common type of nomadic dwelling, a yurt is a circular tent traditionally constructed of wood, bamboo, felt and animal skins, and crowned with a dome. It is also portable and usually takes about two hours to set up. On CGTN's Amazing Xinjiang 2020 to Kanas Lake, in Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, we saw lots of Kazakh yurts along the way. What's inside a Kazakh yurt? what is nomadic life like in Xinjiang? CGTN's Zang Shijie spent a day with a Kazakh family.