Voices from Afar: What is the daily work of drilling crews in Saudi Arabia?
Global Stringer
Asia;Saudi Arabia

China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) held an online open day event focused on the company's sustainable development on September 11 in Saudi Arabia. The event showcased Sinopec Group's four-year 3-D geophysical detection project in that country. 

Sinopec Group is one of Saudi Arabia's largest partners for the export of crude oil, and a long-time provider of high-quality engineering technologies and refining services, as well as equipment, products and materials to petroleum and petrochemical projects in the country.  

Amer Al-Yousef is a Saudi employee working for Sinopec. During the open day event, he visited the SP-121 drilling site that has a record of 6.4 years LTI [Loss Time Incidents] free. The supervisor, Becha Belgacem explained the daily work of the drilling crews and how they work together to overcome difficulties they face.