'Treasure Hunt Relay': Online sharing project displays global cultural treasures
By Ding Siyue

An online sharing event displaying cultural treasures for global audiences has successfully come to a close. Named "Treasure Hunt Relay: Global Museum Director's Choice," the online initiative was launched by the National Museum of China in collaboration with 15 museums from countries including the UK, Argentina, Russia and South Africa.

The program is an attempt by museums to reduce the pandemic's impact and broaden their social influence.

A poster of the sharing event. /National Museum of China

A poster of the sharing event. /National Museum of China

"This pandemic has made a great impact on the museum industry. To meet the needs of more people, the National Museum of China launched over 40 virtual exhibition halls and digital courses. This Global Museum Treasure Hunt Relay is our latest project," said Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China.

On September 6, Wang Chunfa opened the first online presentation. He shared his five favorite objects from the museum's collection.

During the 60 minutes, the director not only introduced the aesthetics and cultural values of the relics, but also interacted with participants and answered their questions. Nearly 50 million people from home and abroad watched the presentation.

Other 15 museum directors passed the baton in the following days, sharing their national treasures. More than 20 internet and media platforms participated in broadcasting the events, with a total viewing figure of more than 200 million.

"I think the world has never needed its museums more than it does now... Our museums are important at this time because they sustain our peoples and give them a sense of hope and optimism," said Mathew Trinca, director of the National Museum of Australia.

A poster of the sharing event. /National Museum of China

A poster of the sharing event. /National Museum of China

Virtual spaces, cloud exhibitions and live broadcasts can reach beyond the limits of time and space, so that audiences from all over the world can have a chance to know more about the museums, enjoy the cultural heritage treasures and the exquisite collections, and appreciate the brilliance and splendor of different civilizations.

Nearly 90 percent of the museums have been closed during the pandemic, and 13 percent of them may face a permanent closure. This online event not only leads audiences through the cultural treasures from various countries, but also provides new inspirations for the long-term cooperation among global museums.

"Through the event, we have established an important online platform. We hope more and more museums can join us in the future. We will continue to increase the influence of this platform. We are also looking forward to new international cooperation,"said Wang.

"For now, we have already established the Silk Road National Museums Alliance, BRICS National Museums Alliance and Global Museum Directors' Forum. We are now working to establish a Shanghai Cooperation Organization National Museums Alliance. I believe we will see more related museum cooperation and communication in the future," he added.