China's Hainan Province: A paradise for the red-footed booby
Global Stringer

More than 40 species of seabirds make their home in the unique climate of Sansha City, at the southernmost tip of China. Among them is the red-footed booby, a national second-class protected animal. The red-footed booby is a large seabird with a length of about 0.7 meters, a wingspan of around 1.5 meters, and a weight of about one kilogram. Named for its pair of red feet, it is good at flying, swimming, and diving. They can always accurately and keenly catch the trail of flying fish.

The number of red-footed boobies on Sansha has increased from more than 30,000 to over 100,000 in the past decade. Sansha has become a paradise for red-footed boobies.