Fuxian Lake: The deepest lake in Yunnan is shining on the plateau
Updated 13:31, 18-Sep-2020

When Xu Xiake, Chinese travel writer and geographer of the Ming dynasty, arrived at Fuxian Lake in southwest China's Yunnan Province, he was astonished by the crystal-clear water. 

As he mentioned in his book Xu Xiake's Travels, the mountains of Yunnan have rich soil, and while most of the waters here are muddy, the Fuxian Lake is invitingly clear.

Fuxian Lake, also known as the "fairy lake," is the deepest lake on the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau. 

To restore the lake, local government has taken many measure to protect the water, such as relocating villagers and returning farmland to the lake, and cleaning up the water daily.

The Fuxian Lake covers Chengjiang, Jianchuan and Huaning Counties in Yunnan Province, it is the third-largest lake in Yunnan, after Dian Lake and Erhai Lake.

(Photos taken by CGTN's Xing Fangyu.) 

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