World-touring Van Gogh Alive exhibition opens in Sydney on Friday

An immersive art exhibition named "Van Gogh Alive" is opening on Friday in Sydney.  

The world-touring multimedia display was relocated to Sydney after a COVID-19 surge in Melbourne. Before Sydney, it has toured across 50 cities around the world, presents Van Gogh's artwork across a series of projections. 

The multi-sensory experience includes a vibrant symphony of light, color, sound and fragrance, according to the organizer.

"We've all been stuck at home with our computers and our phones. We've all been streaming fantastic content that has no other way to get out there," said Emma Triggs, the promoter of Van Gogh Alive.  

"But I think there is a real pent up demand for people to actually get out and experience something that is high quality production that gives an emotional outcome," she added. 

The exhibition brings art lovers back out after months of confinement. As of Friday, there are over 26, 800 confirmed cases in Australia and Victoria, the country's second-most populous state, also the coronavirus hot spot, reported five deaths from COVID-19 and 45 cases in the last 24 hours.  

(With input from AFP)