Spider flower: The flower with a distinctive display
By Xu Chenlu

Imagination is a big part of the gardener's romance, as they could come up with many associations between the displays of the plants and other creatures. Cleome flowers thus get the name of "spider flowers" because of their distinctive shape.

The spider flower is the flower that belongs to the genus called cleome. It is named for the tall, leggy appearance and the shape of its leaves. Native to South America, the flower has been widely cultivated all over the world for ornamental purposes. The flower usually blooms in summer and can last until frost occurs in autumn.

Growing the spider flower in garden is considered to be simple and rewarding. The plant is drought tolerant and can bear the summer heat. Therefore, what you need to do is find a place with either full sun to partial shade, and plant the seeds of spider flower in well-drained soil. The flower is not only beautiful for view, but also a good attractor for hummingbirds and butterflies for its strong scent.

(All images via CFP)

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