Merkel disagrees with security hawks, resists ban on Huawei
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. /Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel. /Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands against a full ban on China's technology giant Huawei opposing negotiators working on rules for the country's fifth-generation wireless networks, according to the U.S. news agency Bloomberg.

The rules, which were meant for entitling key cabinet members to scrutinize equipment vendors, would unlikely turn into a de facto ban on Huawei despite room for change, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

Sources told Bloomberg that Merkel has insisted that Germany mustn't rule out Huawei with a full ban, making Germany differ from the United Kingdom and France in terms of Huawei's involvement in 5G network infrastructures.

The UK has already imposed a ban denying Huawei's access to its 5G network market while the French government also issued rules that restrict the operators to use 5G kit from the Chinese technology company.

European leaders are set to discuss their broader strategy for 5G network infrastructures, including 5G security, in a delayed summit in Brussels next week.

Bloomberg said that Charles Michel, president of the EU leaders' council, is trying to align members of the bloc on the issue of cybersecurity, according to a draft summit statement it saw. 

"The European Council underlines that potential 5G suppliers need to be assessed on the basis of common objective criteria," the draft says.