Lean, clean & green AIIB
Updated 16:12, 29-Sep-2020

World Insight with Tian Wei


As the pandemic sweeps the world, who can offer critical support to economies? The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, believes it has a role to play. The lender is a young multilateral development bank. Originally, its mission is to improve social and economic conditions in the Asia-Pacific region. Going strong into its 5th anniversary, with 102 members, it now has a total of 87 approved projects and 43 others in the pipeline, covering 24 economies such as Vietnam, Georgia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, and many more. Half of its projects are in energy and finance. What's keeping the bank busy these days? With unprecedented access, CGTN host Tian Wei did the rounds at the AIIB headquarters in Beijing, and talked to key leaders there.

Aired: 07/24/2020