Dulongjiang highway, the only channel for Dulong people to the outside

Dulongjiang highway is the only channel to reach Dulongjiang Township in Yunnan Province. The township is named after the Dulong River and the Dulong ethnic group. Sitting in the deep mountains, the 80-kilometer highway has more than 700 bends. During the rain season, landslides and mudslides are common, which can easily cut the road down and block the township.

To explore the life of Dulong people, CGTN's nature film crew drove on the highway and encountered a heavily landslide. Despite the roadbed having badly collapsed, the local government took only two hours to clean the soil and dig a new path.

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(Cover image by CGTN's Xing Fangyu. Video filmed by The Convergence Media Center of Gongshan County and CGTN's Qing Xiaomeng.) 

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