Exhibition pays tribute to China's fight against COVID-19
Updated 20:47, 09-Oct-2020
By Shen Li

Over the National Day Holiday, Photo Beijing opened with its first show marking China's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The annual photo exhibition is extending from a week-long event to a three-month-long rotating photo show.

The China Millennium Monument Museum is hosting the first show of the international photography event paying tribute to those who contributed to the fight against COVID-19.

A total of 705 photos show China's fight against pandemic efforts.

One depicts the first batch of military medical staff flying in planes of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, on their way to Wuhan, in Central China's Hubei province, where the outbreak started.

National heroes who made great contributions to the fight are also honored, including respiratory scientist Zhong Nanshan and military infectious expert Chen Wei.

Photo Beijing exhibition shows China's fight against COVID-19. /CFP

Photo Beijing exhibition shows China's fight against COVID-19. /CFP

"As part of the epidemic control measures, we've put the whole exhibition outside on the south square of the Millennium Monument Museum, and in the following three months, there'll be a series of themed photo exhibitions rotating here at the square. For instance, for the COVID-19 battle theme, we have photo exhibitions from the media's point of view and ordinary people who captured their lives during the lockdown with their phones. And another big change this year is that we've emphasized more the online part," Zhu Hongyu, Deputy Director, Photo Beijing Organization Committee said to CGTN.

Overseas artists are also capturing their own lives amid the pandemic. Visitors get to see how they lived in lockdown.

"We want to convey a comprehensive picture of the battle against COVID-19, and we've paired domestic photos alongside international ones, so visitors could observe from an interesting angle. The international section is an important part of the event," Zhu added.

The event also features seminars and online educational activities as the organizing committee hopes to discover and support talented young photographers in China and encourage them to explore photography's language.

(Cover image from CFP)