Huayao Dai people and their traditional black teeth
Updated 10:03, 07-Nov-2020

Tooth dyeing is an ancient custom of Huayao Dai people. Huayao Dai people are part of the Dai ethnic group, who mostly dwell in Gasa township of Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, southwest China's Yunnan Province. The closed geographic environment of Xinping has made it possible for Huayao Dai people to keep their traditional customs such as worshiping gods, tattooing and tooth dyeing. 

For the older generation of Huayao Dai women, the black teeth are a symbol of beauty and dental health. They use special plants, such as the fruits of Paederia foetida, to dye their teeth. 

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(Video filmed by Liu Yang and Liu Ming, edited by Liu Guihu.)

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