Cluster of infections among theater troupe in Japan's Saitama Prefecture

Japan's Saitama Prefecture announced Saturday that it had 100 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the same day. It was the first time Saitama had 100 new cases in a single day. The surge in the number of confirmed cases was due to a collective outbreak at a troupe in Saitama Prefecture, which resulted in 62 people being diagnosed.

According to Kyodo News and Asahi Shimbun, 38 people aged between 10 and 60 who took part in a theater troupe in Saitama prefecture were confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. On October 10, Saitama Prefecture said that there had been a collective outbreak of infection at the troupe, and 62 people, including actors and staff, had been confirmed so far.

The troupe had planned to perform the musical "Himeyuri," at the theaters in Saitama on March 20. More than 90 people who had practiced at the troupe were examined. The 62 confirmed cases, all asymptomatic, are now scattered in the cities of Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba. The performance has now been suspended.

(Cover image from CFP)