Huayao Dai embroidery: The art beyond beautiful

Huayao Dai is a branch of China's Dai ethnic group known for simple and elegant clothes, especially colorful waistbands. Its members live mainly in Xinping, Yuanjiang, and other areas of southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Huayao Dai girls as young as 6 or 7 can do handcraft and embroidery, which are an important aspect of the lives of the group's women.

Walk into a village and you will often see Huayao Dai people sitting together in a joyous atmosphere as they participate in embroidering, a "beautiful art"  passed down from generation to generation.

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Huayao Dai people's vibrant clothes and skillful weavings

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(Cover image taken by Xing Fangyu. Video filmed by Liu Yang and Liu Ming, edited by Liu Guihu.)

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