Go! Yunnan
Updated 14:30, 16-Oct-2020

Yunnan Province, "south of the clouds" in Chinese, boasts spectacular natural landscapes, biodiversity, and diverse ethnic groups. Of China's 56 recognized ethnic groups, 25 are found in Yunnan.

Going through the mysterious Nujiang River Valley, we will meet one of the rarest ethnic group in China; at tropical Xishuangbanna, we will encounter numerous flora and fauna; in the ancient towns of Dali, we will explore the unique architecture and culture; tracing the fragrance of tea leaves in Pu'er, we will learn about how tea has infused in Chinese people's life; and finally we arrive at Yuxi, home to several integrated cultures.

Starting from October 20 to 29, this livestream series will take you on a tour to six cities or autonomous prefectures in Yunnan, a realm of little-known food, scenery, and folk customs. Stay tuned.