China Fashion Week: Chinese designer presents spring/summer collection
By Yang Ran

On the fourth day of the China Fashion Week, designer Meng Yueming presented his runway show inspired by 2020, the unpredictable year.

Blue, white and black, the three cool tone colors dominated the latest collection of fashion brand KZ Ksiezyc, run by Meng Yueming, 29-year-old Beijing based designer. Ksiezyc means the moon in Polish, a word that Meng carefully selected to fit the meaning of his name.  

The theme of the show was "inspired by the current state of affairs and the need to cherish things."  

"I cooperate with one artist every season, and this time the artist had the same idea as mine: to catch fleeting beauties. The coronavirus outbreak has reminded us that many people and things may vanish suddenly and we need to catch them when we are able to. That's why I used the elements of light, shadows and water waves on fabric," said Meng.

At the site of fashion brand KZ Ksiezyc show. /CGTN

At the site of fashion brand KZ Ksiezyc show. /CGTN

The sense of future, mystery, neutralization and wearability are the keywords for Ksiezyc. The fashion brand was founded in 2018.  

Meng was honored as the "designer with the most potential" at the 2018 CCTV talent show "Fashion Master." He has been invited to participate in 10+3 Showroom, a young designer incubation plan initiated by the China Fashion Association in 2013.  

"I have been watching new designers' shows every year during the China fashion week and I'm delighted to see that they are developing in different directions. Meng's collection fits the fresh and cool themes of next spring and summer pretty well. Complication has been popular for some years and the style may turn to be simpler and more wearable in the future. Meng has presented a very good example," said Lin Jian, jury member of 10+3 Showroom. 

A total of 10 costume and three accessory brands will compete for the top awards at this year's 10+3 Showroom ceremony, which will be held on November 1.