Vlog: Technology brings Chinese cultural relics to life
By Guo Meiping

Recently, a special relic exhibition at the Capital Museum in Beijing went viral on Chinese social media. This digital interactive exhibition uses technology to bring relics to people - without the need for the actual relics.

The beautiful digital effects are the highlight of this exhibition.

A holographic garment from the Western Han Dynasty captured the audiences' attention. The actual garment, a first grade cultural relic of China, is hung in Hunan Museum in central China's Hunan Province.

With the help of motion capture technology, audiences in Beijing can "try on" the ancient garment and make it "dance".

A holographic garment seen at the exhibition. /CGTN

A holographic garment seen at the exhibition. /CGTN

The ancient custom of a "winding stream party" is also a part of the exhibition, letting audiences experience the life of refined scholars from the past. If you picked up the cup floating on the digital river, a poem will emerge in front of your eyes.

A digital version of "winding stream party". /CGTN

A digital version of "winding stream party". /CGTN

"In the past, we could only visit exhibits behind thick glass and learn about it through short introduction on the wall," said Hong Yuan, director of Marketing and Public Relations Department at Tencent.

Hong said this new type of relic exhibition provides audiences with a more comprehensive experience, allowing them to feel the culture and history behind the relics through different types of digital interaction.

The concept "technology+" has been applied in various sectors of China. And it's now helping the cultural industry to explore more possibilities.

Cameraman: Kang Kai

Video editor: Zhao Yuxiang