Weekly Box Office: New films perform well, popularity of 'The Sacrifice' grows
Updated 11:51, 03-Nov-2020

According to Chinese film data platform Maoyan, Chinese mainland's box office took in 619 million yuan (about $92.58 million) from October 26 to November 1, down by 12.3 percent from 706 million yuan (about $105 million) the previous week.

From the perspective of a one-week single-day box office, the average single-day box office from October 26 to 29 was less than 100 million yuan (about $14.95 million), but exceeded 100 million yuan on the weekend of October 30/November 1. On Saturday, October 31, takings reached 160 million yuan (about $23.93 million), the highest for a single day during the week.

Three new releases entered the top 10. Japanese anime adventure film "Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna," Chinese romantic comedy "Oversize Love," and the Chinese horror movie "The Perilous Internet Ring," came in at number three, four and nine respectively.

"Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna," produced by Toei Animation, raked in 64 million yuan.

The first-ranked film of the week was still the 2020 Chinese war drama "The Sacrifice," which made 352 million yuan (about $52.65 million), contributing more than half of the weekly box office. It has a total box office of over 700 million yuan (about $104 million), showing strong market staying power.

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In second place was "My People, My Homeland," a 2020 Chinese anthology film consisting of five short stories, which has been in release for 31 days and grossed 2.7 billion yuan (about $404 million). It made 87 million yuan (about $13 million) last week, accounting for 14 percent of the total weekly box office.

"The Story of Hay Bo," a Chinese mainland movie adapted from Hong Kong writer Isabel Nee Yeh-su's novel centering on a young woman in a relationship with an old wealthy man, underperformed, dropping from third place to eighth with earnings of 11 million yuan (about $1.64 million).

Chinese films "Coffee Or Tea?" "Jiang Ziya," "Leap," "Vanguard" suggested they have staying power while "The Eight Hundred" dropped out of the top 10 for the first time since its release.

(Cover image made by Yin Yating)