New report details perception of Chinese companies in overseas markets
Updated 22:45, 03-Nov-2020
By You Yang

Authorities and business leaders are discussing ways to improve the influence of Chinese enterprises in the global market at the 2020 Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit. "We want to help our Chinese enterprises adapt to economic globalization and the global operation trends of companies. We want to provide better services to our Chinese enterprises," said Zhang Jinting, director general of the International Communication and Culture Center of the China International Publishing Group (CIPG).

The summit in the Chinese capital has published a new report on how Chinese businesses are perceived across the world. The survey mainly focuses on Chinese companies that are cooperating with enterprises from the Belt and Road countries. Authorities evaluate the performance of Chinese companies across four key areas: responsibility, equality, credibility and achievements, providing information on the image of different enterprises in the global market. China's Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi top the assessment. 

"We've released a report on the image of Chinese enterprises every year since 2014. These reports focus on Chinese companies operating in different regions, including in ASEAN countries, Belt and Road countries as well as BRICS countries. We want to know what local people need from Chinese companies," Zhang added.

Authorities say Chinese enterprises have made significant contributions to the global market throughout the coronavirus pandemic by providing materials and logistical support. "The image of Chinese companies has largely improved in recent years. That's mainly because of the quality of Chinese products and the technology of Chinese companies have greatly improved. Chinese companies are also participating in corporate social responsibility overseas," said Lyu Dapeng, spokesperson for China's oil giant Sinopec.

Business leaders at the summit said the performance of Chinese companies in the global market is a window for the world to get to know more about China. In the future, they'll continue to put in extra effort to improve the global image and influence of such enterprises.

(Cover photo: Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit 2020, November 3, Beijing. /CIPG)