Passengers encounter curious Siberian tiger in NE China

While many people are keen on catching a glimpse of the biggest cat on the planet, the curiosity might be shared on both sides.

On Tuesday, when a Siberian tiger came across a car with three passengers on a road near the Dahuanggou Forest in Wangqing County, northeast China's Jilin Province, it did not lose its cool or run away. Instead, it became interested. The tiger stayed near the vehicle for 10 minutes before disappearing into the woods.

Ge Lin, one of the passengers, described the beast as "robust" and "majestic."

While this encounter might seem harmless, no one should be fooled. The formidable creature is very dangerous. A fully grown Siberian Tiger can leap over 8 meters and jump up to 5 meters vertically.

(Cover image via VCG)

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