China's seniors shake up e-commerce

"I especially like buying dresses online. I have enough dresses to wear a different one each day of the month," said Yang Ha'na, an 81-year-old resident of the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. Since her son taught her how to shop online two years ago, she's been hooked on scrolling through e-commerce apps, browsing and buying everything from food to clothes to homewares.

Yang receives four delivery boxes on average every day, which cost her 1,000 to 3,000 yuan (about $151 to $453) a month. "My husband often 'complains' because whenever there's a package, he has to go downstairs to fetch it," Yang said with a chuckle. Her husband, who collects antiques, also goes online to do his shopping.

Their house looks no different from the homes of many elderly couples – other than big furniture, almost all home accents, daily necessities and electronic gadgets are from online stores.

A burgeoning cohort of elderly Chinese are sold on online shopping and communication. As this year's Double-11 festival, the world's largest online buying spree, approaches, senior citizens have already filled their digital shopping carts in anticipation.

Video produced by Sun Siyi

Article by Wang Xiaonan

Cover image designed by Chen Yuyang

Data editor: Zhao Hong