2020 "Gold Panda" International Communication Summit Forum opens in southwest China's Chengdu

Many media experts have gathered in southwest China's Chengdu City as the 2020 "Gold Panda" International Communication Summit Forum opened on November 11.

With the theme of the "China story, international communication", the two-day international forum features one summit forum and four subforums (focusing on documentaries, TV series, films, and new media).

Industry and academic experts will be invited to discuss the creation of works, international operations, and overseas developments, focusing on telling good Chinese stories and conveying Chinese values with a global perspective in the era of media convergence.

This year, 20 more excellent films and television works from home and abroad, including the National Day holiday blockbuster "My People, My Homeland," "Leap," and "The Captain" will be on display both online and offline, in a bid to further enhance the influence of the "Gold Panda" international communication awards, and play a role in the creation of excellent works and overseas communication.

Under the guidance of the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) and China Media Group (CMG), the forum is sponsored by China Television Artists Association (CTAA), Propaganda Department of Sichuan Provincial Committee, Sichuan Radio and Television Bureau, Sichuan Radio and Television Station.