Exhibition features storybook illustrations from Europe and U.S.
By Ding Siyue

An exhibition showcasing illustrations from Europe and America is now on display at Tsinghua University Art Museum in Beijing.

A total of 180 works are on display from over 40 illustrators from countries including Switzerland, France, and the U.S.

"Imagination is borderless. Illustration is an art form about imagination. Good illustrations are mind-boggling, showing people the writer's ingenious intentions," said Su Dan, vice director of Tsinghua University Art Museum. 

A poster for the exhibition. /Tsinghua University Art Museum

A poster for the exhibition. /Tsinghua University Art Museum

The pieces on display are from the collection of the Foundation Les Maitres de l'Imaginaire, as well as the works of its chairman, Etienne Delessert.

They are not only illustrations for books but also for classic fairy tales and original stories.

Traditional hand-drawn illustrations greatly reflect the artist's true feelings. Viewers can observe every detail of the paintings and feel the color and touch of the brush during the creation process – something that can't be replaced by computer illustrations. 

Works by Jerry Pinkney. /CGTN

Works by Jerry Pinkney. /CGTN

The illustrations' key feature is that they're not entirely derived from the mappings of the real storybook scenes but are instead created through the painter's imagination. This exhibition allows visitors to break free from reality and wander through a beautiful fairyland.

A "fairy tale" night will be held for children. And there will also be some artistic creation activities like hand-painting, collage, and clay sculpture combining the visual elements in the exhibits.

The exhibition runs until the end of February next year.

(Cover image: Works by Etienne Delessert. /CGTN)