Roam the exotic Starlight Night Market in SW China's Xishuangbanna

The market is the best place to catch a glimpse of local people's lives. The Starlight Night Market in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna in southwest China's Yunnan Province, is a must for tourists. Due to Xishuangbanna's close proximity with Myanmar and Laos, the market exhibits an exotic flavor. Here, you can see flowers used as hair decorations or as barbecue food. There are also fantastic types of fruit that look like snakeskin or sea cucumbers. Watch this video and roam this eye-opening market yourself!

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Yunnan Province in southwest China features spectacular natural landscapes, biodiversity and diverse ethnic groups. Among China's 56 recognized ethnic groups, 25 are found in Yunnan. The "Go! Yunnan" livestream series takes you on a tour to six cities or autonomous prefectures in the province for a glimpse of the area's food, scenery and folk customs. Stay tuned for our upcoming livestreams.

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(Video by Zhang Chao and Guo Yuanheng, edited by Zhao Ying.)

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