20th Macao Food Festival opens with a sizzle

Chefs turned on their fryers in Sai Van Lake Square in China's Macao Special Administrative Region and welcomed visitors with tantalizing aromas on Friday, the first day of the 20th Macao Food Festival.

This is the first large-scale gourmet event in Macao since the region wrested control of COVID-19.

More than 100 local food companies have set up stalls featuring traditional Chinese dishes as well as European and Asian food.

"Every year we have a food festival in Macao and we are very happy. The whole family can come together and enjoy local refreshments here," said a local.

Moreover, the organizers are holding vibrant performances as entertainment for visitors.

"The goal is to give our catering industry, especially small- and medium-sized companies, a platform to sell and promote their brands and to let more locals and visitors know about them," said Chan Chak Mo, president of the festival's organizing committee.

The festival will run until November 29.