White swans come to ecological belt along Yellow River for winter

Droves of white swans were recently spotted at an ecological demonstration zone along the Yellow River in Sanmenxia City, central China's Henan Province.

The population of white swans is more than 2,000. They flew from Siberia and chose the ecological corridor of the Yellow River to spend winter.

The demonstration zone has organized personnel to observe and record the number of white swans that are perching on the 13.9-kilometer-long belt on a daily basis, so as to create a comfortable environment for them during winter.

"We have repaired and protected the ecological corridor between the Hangu Pass and the Sanmenxia Reservoir on the Yellow River. While we improved the landscape, we also restored the essential functions of the wetlands so as to provide a truly safe haven for the swans," said Yu Chunxi, an official with the Sanmenxia Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone.

Sanmenxia has been famous for swans. Due to the improvements of the local ecological environment, more swans choose to go to Sanmenxia for winter each year.

(Cover image: The swans of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, central China. /VCG)

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