Pfizer ends COVID-19 trial with 95% efficacy
Updated 20:09, 18-Nov-2020

Pfizer Inc said on Wednesday that final results from the late-stage trial of its COVID-19 vaccine show it was 95 percent effective, adding it had the required two months of safety data and would apply for emergency U.S. authorization within days.

The final analysis comes just one week after initial results from the trial showed the vaccine was more than 90 percent effective. 

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Pfizer and German partner BioNTech are the first drug makers to release successful data from a large-scale clinical trial of a vaccine, with their analysis showing a much better performance than most experts had hoped for from coronavirus vaccines. 

On Monday, U.S. biotechnology company Moderna also released preliminary data, saying its COVID-19 vaccine appears to be 94.5 percent effective.

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(With input from Reuters)