Hong Kong Palace Museum to open in mid-2022

The main structure of the Hong Kong Palace Museum on the coast of Victoria Harbor was officially completed on Wednesday, according to Xinhua News Agency. When the museum opens in mid-2022, some 800 cultural relics from the Palace Museum in Beijing will be on display at the Palace Museum in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

The Hong Kong Palace Museum is positioned as a world-class museum of Chinese culture and art. It is understood that the museum will adopt a new curatorial approach to display the treasures of the Beijing Palace Museum and other important cultural institutions in the world.

Many of the 800 cultural relics at the museum will be on display outside the Chinese mainland for the first time, and some will be on display for the first time ever, according to the museum.

Speaking at the completion ceremony, Carrie Lam, chief executive of the HKSAR, said the museum has a broad vision and mission to promote the study and appreciation of Chinese art and culture and promote dialogue among world civilizations.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum is located at the western end of the West Kowloon Cultural District, facing Hong Kong's iconic Victoria Harbor landscape.

(Cover image from CFP)