A day in the life of China's 7 million census takers

The nationwide census is an important means to take the pulse of a nation and uncover its changing demographics.

China officially started its seventh national census on November 1. Registration of short forms ended at midnight on November 15, while registration of long forms officially began on November 16.

China is a large country with a population of about 1.4 billion. In order to smoothly carry out and complete the census within the stipulated time, there are more than 7 million census takers, or enumerators, across the country working to get the job done.

What are the new features of this national census? What is the scientific method this time? And how do the 7 million enumerators carry out their work every day?

CGTN reporters Zong Shukang and Liu Ke spoke with Qin Fang and Chang Ran, two enumerators from the Jinsong North Community in Chaoyang District, Beijing, to find out.