Britain to curb Google and Facebook with tougher competition rules
CFP file photo

CFP file photo

Britain will impose a new competition regime next year to prevent Google and Facebook of using their dominance to push out smaller firms and disadvantage consumers, according to Reuters on Friday. 

The code will be enforced by a dedicated unit within the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which this year said it needed new laws to keep the tech giants in check.

Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising, accounting for around 80 percent of 14 billion pounds (18.7 billion U.S. dollars) spent in 2019, Britain's competition regulator the CMA said.

The two U.S. companies have said they are committed to working with the British government and regulator on digital advertising, including giving users greater control over their data and the ads they are served.

The CMA said on Monday it was assessing whether a complaint about Google technology warranted a formal investigation.

Reuters said in an report quoting marketers from technology companies that Google was modifying its Chrome browser and Chromium developer tools to give it greater control over publishers and advertisers.

Source(s): Reuters