Slipper flower: The delicate 'purse' designed by nature
By Xu Chenlu

Winter is likely to be a season unrelated to flowers, as many plants wither in the cold weather and strong wind. However, there are still some plants that can produce beautiful flowers. Among them is a flower called the slipper flower that's popular among gardeners for its colors and long blooming period.

The slipper flower's official name is Calceolaria. Its common names include the pocketbook plant and lady's purse, which draw on the distinctive blossoms which resemble pocketbooks, purses or even slippers.

Slipper flowers come from plain areas of Central and South America with mild climate. Its blooming period varies in different climate zones and can usually last for three to four months in winter. Its colors include yellow and orange, with red or purple spots on the petal.

If you are a beginner gardener with little experience growing delicate plants, the slipper flower is definitely one of the best choices, since growing it is not very complicated as long as you provide it with adequate environment and a little care. It does not like direct sunlight and too much moisture, so choose a good place with mild sunlight with thorough water for the plant to thrive. Do not water it before the soil dries out. The plant is most often grown as a houseplant, but it can be used as a bedding plant outdoors as well.

(All images via VCG.)

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