CGTN America launches program on global fight against poverty
Updated 07:09, 10-Dec-2020

CGTN America is launching a special annual program called Global Action Initiative on CGTN and on December 8 and 9 at 7 p.m. EST. The program features a line-up of influential global experts coming together to present ideas and solutions for fighting global poverty.

Global poverty is among the world's most pressing challenges. The program's participants will discuss how climate change, inadequate access to healthcare and education, and COVID-19 have affected efforts to combat poverty. They will propose sustainable solutions to alleviate this worldwide problem.

The program will include two documentaries offering in-depth view at the causes of extreme poverty, the steps being taken to alleviate it worldwide, and the work that remains to be done.



Global Action Initiative 2020: Poverty Alleviation

"In 75 years, we've gone from one in two people living in extreme poverty to under one in 10 in 2019. China accounts for a large part of this global achievement, but it's not yet the time to celebrate. Seventy-five years after the founding of the UN, we are facing one of the greatest global challenges of our time," said Fabrizio Hochschild-Drummond, special advisor to the UN secretary-general. 

"The media should take the initiative to play the role of a crucial bridge," said Shen Haixiong, president of China Media Group. "We would like to partner with international media outlets and cooperate with the UN and international community to establish a platform on sharing poverty alleviation experience in a pragmatic and effective manner and build a world community that can experience shared development without poverty."

The International Monetary Fund warns that the pandemic could reverse over 30 years of progress fighting global poverty. According to Geoffrey Okamoto, first deputy managing director at the International Monetary Fund, "Countries are going to have to do more with less government fiscal resources, putting increased focus on the quality of government spending."

After the premiere, the entire program, including the documentaries, will be available on

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