Winter heaven: Rime and fog create frigid landscape in S China

As temperature plunge below zero, several mountains in south China have turned into picturesque winter wonderlands, veiled in rime and fog.

A blanket of mist in the form of icy rime enveloped the mountains in south China's Guangdong Province, casting a magnificent scenery with trees, bushes, roads, pavilions and mountains.

Rime forms when water droplets freeze on the surface of an object at a below-zero temperature, which is quite a rare sight in the warmer southern areas of China as the temperature seldom drops below zero in winter.

In the adjacent Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, temperatures in some high-altitude areas plummeted to minus 5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Crowds of tourists flocked to the mountains for an adventurous winter hiking trip to take photos of the stunning rime before it melted away.

(Cover image via VCG )

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