Expert: No evidence to show vaccines ineffective against coronavirus mutations

It remains to be seen whether the mutated coronavirus strain detected in the United Kingdom can undermine the efficacy of the available COVID-19 vaccines, said Zhong Nanshan, China's top respiratory diseases expert, on Tuesday.

Zhong made the remarks at the unveiling ceremony for the National Center of Respiratory Medicine at the First Hospital Affiliated with Guangzhou Medical University in south China's Guangdong Province.  

In September, he received the Medal of the Republic, China's highest state honor, for his outstanding contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

The mutated strain was found in the UK in September, which was before the country started vaccinating its people. 

On Saturday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new variant is up to 70 percent more infectious but it is not thought to be more deadly, and vaccines should still be effective.

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