NW China's rare wild horses get help to survive the winter  

Heavy snow and a sharp temperature drop hit northwest China's Gansu Anxi Desert Natural Reserve, making life hard for the area's Przewalski's horses.

Przewalski's horses are a rare and endangered species native to the steppes of central Asia.

"This year's climate is quite different. Since December, it has snowed five times, and the temperature dropped down as far as minus 25 degrees Celsius, a condition difficult for wild horses to drink and forage. We have taken a variety of measures to help them survive the winter," said Li Hailong, the manager of Przewalski's Horse's semi stock-breeding farm in Anxi Desert National Nature Reserve in the northwestern Gansu Province.

Reserve staff provide the horses with hay and other fodder and break the ice on freezed river to help them drink in the cold winter.

(Cover image via VCG)

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