Silk floss blossom: A pink beauty that thrives in warmth
By Xu Chenlu

Located in south China's subtropical zone, which has a monsoon climate, Guangdong Province might be one of the best choices for people looking to spend winter in a warm climate. Many tropical plants that cannot tolerate coldness thrive in this region due to the climate. The silk floss is one of them. With beautiful pinkish flowers and a big, tall trunk, the plant is one of the famous ornamental trees that grow in Guangdong Province.

Silk floss is a deciduous tree native to tropical and subtropical forests of South America. It gets the name from its fruit pod that produces a silk-like fiber. The flower displays white in the center and pink toward the tips of the petals. Though the typical flowering period is between February and May, it can also bloom at other times if the temperature is warm enough. The tree is widely grown in the southern parts of China, including Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan provinces.

Many might confuse the silk floss flowers with orchid blossoms, as they both grow on tall trees with pinkish petals. But they are different plants. If you hope to distinguish them, one of the best ways is to see if the tree still has leaves during the flowering period. Orchid tree blossoms will blossom when the branches are still naked, while the silk floss flowers blossoming with green leaves.

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