China urban digital economy forum begins in Shanghai to discuss digital transformation
By Liu Jiaxin

In China, "digital economy" has become one of the most frequently-mentioned phrases of the year. While the Chinese have become accustomed to using online services through their mobile devices, officials and industry insiders continue to explore potentials of a digital society.

A forum on digital economy sponsored by CGTN's parent company China Media Group (CMG) has opened in Shanghai.

During the opening ceremony, Zhou Huilin, a member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai's Municipal Committee, said that they look forward to discussing how the digital transformation can better adapt to the development rules of mega-cities. 

China's digital economy has boomed in recent years, accounting for nearly 40 percent of its GDP. This year, the country has experienced a rapid economic recovery following the coronavirus outbreak, and has reported positive quarterly growth. At a recent economic work conference, top Chinese officials set out new plans and policies to further support the digital economy. In Shanghai, forum participants called on traditional industries to adapt.

Jiang Wenbo, CMG editorial board member, said that CMG will "continue to build a new mainstream media and constantly explore the industry chain of omni-media platforms."

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many internet companies have made adjustments to their product in 2020 and developed new products adapted to the digital economy, such as Tencent's well-known health code and teleconference service.

"Health codes and remote meeting and telecommuting are likely to become the norm, and we will continue to develop and launch new products in these areas," said Zhang Lijun, vice president of Tencent.

In today's world, if we can choose only one thing to take with us when we go out, for most people it will probably be the mobile phone. Behind the little screen are the efforts of countless companies and the collision of ideas.

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