At least 20 killed in Aden airport blasts after new Yemeni government lands
Updated 23:08, 30-Dec-2020

Three massive explosions rocked Aden International Airport in southern Yemen on Wednesday as local officials were gathering to receive a plane carrying the new power-sharing government coming from Saudi Arabia. 

At least 20 people were killed and 65 others were injured in the blasts, local officials told Xinhua. 

Yemen's Minister of Information and Culture Muammar Al-Earyani on Twitter soon accused Iran-backed Houthi rebels of being behind this "cowardly terrorist attack"; he also confirmed that all members of the newly formed government had been safely transferred to the presidential palace following the blasts.

Yemen's internationally recognized government and southern separatists formed a new cabinet on December 18. The power-sharing government arrived in the southern city of Aden on Wednesday, days after being sworn in in Saudi Arabia.

Source(s): Reuters

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